Becoming A Healthy Vegetarian

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becoming a healthy vegetarian

Seven Tips To Becoming A Healthy Vegetarian

So, you want to become a vegetarian? Assuming you have already talked to your doctor about this decision, there are a few things you should know. These tips will put you on the right track to becoming a healthy vegetarian.

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The video that follows offers a very helpful discussion on how becoming a healthy vegetarian is not that difficult if you follow the right guidelines. Be sure to watch the video now.

1. Why Do You Wish To Be A Vegetarian

Whether you have chosen to become a vegetarian because of high cholesterol levels, or to help the environment, there may come a time when a tempting piece of meat is in front of you. To avoid temptation, write down your reasons for avoiding meat.

Don’t stop until you have given every reason for becoming a vegetarian. Make each reason concrete, and make each one memorable enough that you will remember them in times of temptation. You can always go back and read your reasons.

2. Vegetarian Or Vegan

After you write down your reasons for avoiding meat, it is time to think about what ‘kind’ of vegetarian you are going to be. Are you going to avoid some meats, while eating others? Are you going to stick to a meatless diet (including fish), but continue to eat dairy foods and eggs?

Or are you going the vegan route: no meats of any kind, no dairy, no eggs, no products that come from any animal. These are tough decisions, so think about your feelings about the production of all foods.

3. Buy A Vegetarian Cookbook

It never hurts to seek out vegetarian cookbooks and recipes, especially if you have never cooked a vegetarian meal before. Check your local library or buy your own cookbooks.

Or subscribe to a vegetarian magazine or two; magazines are a great place to learn a lot of great tips and cooking techniques that vegetarians love. Magazines are also loaded with tempting recipes, which will help in becoming a healthy vegetarian.

4. Start Slow

No one should give up meat all at once. Your body need times to adjust to the different foods you are replacing for your meat.

Start by cutting out one type of meat a week, or have three or four vegetarian dinners a week, or have a ‘vegetarian day’ once a week. Whatever your choice, start out slow, replacing meat as needed.

Becoming A Healthy Vegetarian

5. Think Variety

Eating a wide variety of foods is important for anyone’s diet. It is even more important in a vegetarian diet. To boost your nutrition levels, be sure to include many different foods into your daily meal plans.

A boring diet usually means that the dieter will soon quit. Avoid the rut of a boring diet – vary your food and spice choices for more interesting eating.

6. Take B12 Supplements

You should talk to your doctor about taking vitamin B12 supplements, especially if you are a vegan. The only true source of vitamin B12 in our food supply is in the meat, eggs, and dairy products that we consume.

You could eat fortified cereals, but even vegetarians may need an extra boost from a B12 supplement. The important thing to remember is that you need to be sure all your nutrient needs are filled, either by diet or supplements.

7. Be Patient

If you give in to the craving for a juicy cheeseburger, don’t kick yourself for ‘falling off the wagon’. Instead of guilt tripping yourself, think about what led to the cravings, and ways you can avoid giving in to them the next time. Try not to leave work or home on an empty stomach.

Wonderful smells coming from fast food restaurants, and supermarket delis, won’t tempt you if you have a full stomach when you are out and about.

Thus you can stay true to your plan of becoming a healthy vegetarian. You already know there are many benefits of becoming a vegetarian, and even better becoming a vegan. Either way, it involves adopting not just a new way of eating, but adopting a new, healthy lifestyle.

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