Best Food To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

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Best Food To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

Best food to lose fat and build muscle, Getting my proteins

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Your list of best food to lose fat and build muscle must include beans near the top, and may be they should be number one. Beans are such a versatile food that you can easily include in many dishes.

They provide excellent nutrients, while strongly contributing to building muscle after a workout, and lose weight as your metabolism speeds up. The combination of exercise and proteins in beans is a double-whammy for weight loss.

The video below show how to cook a delicious bowl of black beans for weight loss. Be sure to watch the video now.

Best food to lose fat and build muscle. Here’s why beans are such a weight loss winner.

1. Lot’s of Protein

As mentioned above, beans are loaded with proteins, which will help you lose body fat while you build muscle. In addition to the protein, the low calories and fiber in beans make them an ideal weight loss food.

While meat is high in protein, it lacks the fiber that beans contain in abundance. Therefore, your digestive system benefits from a natural plant food that is rich in nutrients and contributes to a smooth travel through your digestive tract.

You want to consume plenty of protein for muscle gains and body fat loss, but you don’t want to sacrifice good nutrition in an effort to stuff yourself with nothing but proteins. Beans will keep you from doing this.

2. Lots of Fiber

Fiber is important; fiber is very necessary for your body, and for your weight loss efforts. Fiber makes you feel full, and keeps you full far longer than protein alone. Your digestive system works more efficiently, contributing to weight loss. And fiber is a main ingredient in the make up of beans.

Nature hands you an almost perfect food. In seeking a balanced diet, you will want to eat plenty of raw vegetables and raw fruit, which will contribute immensely to your good health, and will cause you to lose weight in the balance. You can eat all the raw vegetables and raw fruit you want, and still contribute to weight loss.

3. Plant-based Replacement For Meat

If you eat too much meat, without other items like vegetables, you are not eating a very healthy meal. The excess meat is most likely going to be be converted to fat, as it will be in excess of what your body needs for muscle building and good health.

Furthemore, with too much meat there is a deficit of fiber which is key to good digestion and good health. Beans will provide you lots of the protein you need, allowing you to cut back on meat.

Chili is a delicious dish which contains a lot of beans, and it can be made exclusively with beans instead of meat. They provide a healthy replacement for meat.

4. Beans Are Low In Calories

To get the low calorie benefit of beans, you have to avoid buying them in processed form. These will have high sugar (high calorie) additives, as well as very unhealthy chemical additives that have no place in a healthy diet, especially when you’re trying to burn body fat while building muscle. The best way to eat beans is in homemade recipes, cooked in your own kitchen.

Best Food To Lose Fat And Build Muscle

While there may not be any single food that is best to lose weight, beans are close to the top of the list. They are loaded with proteins and other nutrient, they are versatile to include in many dishes, and they taste great!

The fiber content of beans, plus the fact that they are a plant-based food makes them comparable, if not better than meat, certainly as a weight loss food. There are so many varieties of beans that you need not be bored by eating plenty of beans.

Did I mention that kidney beans are very high in antioxidants, which is a key health promoting nutrient?


In conclusion, for health reasons, to lose weight and to build muscle, beans are as close to an ideal food as you can get. Get creative about incorporating this best food to lose fat and build muscle into many delicious dishes.

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