Clean Eating Basics Next – How to Get Started

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Clean Eating Basics Next

Clean Eating Basics Next

You know that a diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains is healthy for you. But do you know exactly why you should be cutting processed foods out of your life? Let’s take a look at the top reasons for steering clear of processed foods, as we strive for clean eating basics next.

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The video that follows recaps what you should aim for as you implement clean eating basics. Be sure to watch the video now.

Many processed foods include monosodium glutamate

MSG, or monosodium glutamate, is a form of salt which has been chemically changed to enhance the flavor of many popular processed foods. It has been directly linked to weight gain and obesity, and negatively affects how full you feel when you are eating. This can lead to binge eating, since your brain never knows when you are full.

Liver inflammation, kidney failure and even brain damage are possible byproducts of heavy exposure to MSG. Unfortunately, it is the world’s most popular flavor enhancer. And it can be listed under any of the following names – acid hydrolyzed vegetable protein, hydrolyzed corn, MSG, plant protein extract and yeast extract, among others.

They can be full of high fructose corn syrup

Why is high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) so dangerous to your health? Because it contributes to liver deterioration, plaque build up in your blood vessels, has been shown to cause diabetes, it accelerates the natural aging process in your body and can contain unhealthy mercury poisons. And it is used in more and more processed food products all the time.

Low-fat often means high in sugar

Many processed and manufactured foods boast about being low-fat or no-fat in nature. The process which pulls fat out of those foods also involves adding HFCS, sucrose, lactose and glucose, as well as other yummy tasting but unhealthy sweeteners.

Sugar triggers the “feel good” transmitters in your brain, and this can cause an addiction to sweet tasting processed foods. Sugar can have a devastating effect on your health, and is believed by many doctors and nutritionists to be the leading cause of chronic disease and obesity in today’s modern societies.

Important nutrients are processed out

Many processed foods are created to last longer on the shelf, and taste better than when they existed in their natural state. This often times involves removing wonderful phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals, either intentionally or indirectly.

By its very definition, processing foods leads to a non-natural state. So many of the healthy components that nature packs into its foods are lacking when that food is processed.

Unnatural and dangerous chemicals are added

We just mentioned that food manufacturers are usually only interested in creating products that last as long as possible, are inexpensive to make, and taste great so you continue to buy them. How do they do this? In laboratories they find chemicals like fructose that trigger an addictive response in your brain.

They then inject those chemicals into foods during the manufacturing and packaging processes. This unneeded MSG, sugar, salt and a long list of man-made chemicals finds its way into processed food, which is unhealthy at best and dangerous at worst.

Clean foods are easier on your digestive system

We just discussed how cheap, flavor enhancing, unhealthy chemicals get into your processed food. Your body identifies these as poisons and toxins, and works very hard to rid your system of them. But they are much harder to digest than the foods which nature intended men and women to eat. This makes your digestive tract work harder than it has to, and this can lead to a long list of gastrointestinal problems and health issues.

Clean Eating Basics Next

Whole foods are less expensive than their processed counterparts

Junk food addicts often claim that eating healthy foods is just too expensive. But several studies like one published by the Rodale Institute show that the opposite is actually true. For instance, they show that one serving of 100% organic chili (made with fresh ingredients) costs roughly $0.50 less than a can of microwavable chili like you would purchase at the grocery store.

You will begin to feel healthier almost immediately

Processed foods contain a lot of junk your body does not need. This can include phosphates which actually weaken your bones and organs. The excess sugar in processed foods can lead to weight gain and heart problems, and many manufactured foods can can lead to chronic inflammation, dementia, respiratory failure and multiple neurologic problems. When you eat clean and avoid processed food, you become healthier.

Processed Food Alternatives for Super Busy People

You might be thinking that you won’t have the time to purchase and prepare whole foods and healthy fruits, vegetables and grains. After all, your life is very busy already.

But you can benefit from a plant-based and clean eating diet without making your lifestyle more hectic than it already is.

Just follow these processed food alternative tips for eating clean and smart, and you may actually find that your healthier eating habits save you more time and energy than your processed food past.

Make a game plan

Forming a game plan centered around healthy eating is essential if you are going to avoid processed foods and the dangers they can deliver. Sit down and create a realistic shopping, cooking and food storage plan that includes the following 4 tips.

Clean out your pantry

Check the labels on all of the food you currently have in your home. Pull out everything that lists MSG, HFCS, added sugar, excess salt and white flour. If you feel that throwing away this food is a waste of money, donate it to your local homeless shelter. But you are definitely going to have to rid your home of addictive and unhealthy processed food temptations to begin the clean eating process.

Prepare and cook multiple meals at once

Batch cooking makes sense for a lot of reasons. When you purchase, prepare and then cook multiple meals at once, you can often times benefit from lower prices by buying larger quantities. Whatever mess you make in the kitchen only has to be dealt with at one time. And by packaging, preparing, cooking and storing several meals at a time rather than single meals several times a week, you minimize your time investment.

Get the whole family involved

You are busy. So is everyone else in your family. So why not schedule a couple of hours every week so the entire family can help out in your shopping, preparing and batch cooking processes? Not only will this save time and money in the long run, but it will also instill important and healthy eating habits in your children, when you follow the clean eating basics next guidelines.

Take a road trip

Do some research and find out where the whole food markets, bazaars and shops are in your area. You may be surprised to find that natural, locally grown foods free of pesticides, fertilizers and chemicals are just around the corner, and less expensive than the ones you have been buying in the supermarket.

To ensure success with clean eating basics next, make it a point to stay informed about the latest ploys the food industry is using to get you to buy their over processed foods, and derail your efforts to eat clean.

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