Extreme Weight Loss – Power Of Persistence

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extreme weight loss

Extreme Weight Loss

This post about extreme weight loss was inspired by the amazing dedication of the person in the video below. Over 4 million people have watched the video.

It showcases the awesome results that can be achieved by extreme workouts. No doubt the workouts were followed by healthy eating habits.

Obviously, few people have the tenacity to get in such great physical shape. But it shows that it can be done, especially in your younger years.

However, many young athletes have continued to maintain their enviable physical conditions for many years as they age.

Be sure to watch the video now. Even if you fail to be inspired, you will be impressed by the physical conditioning this young woman has achieved.

You may not be after extreme weight loss. But if you are attempting to slim down fast, the main factor you need to put your primary focus on would safety. Extreme pressure of any kind placed on your body has the potential for injury. Stay safe and healthy.

Extreme Weight Loss

The very first component of any extreme weight loss program must be a smart diet, one that will produce an extreme makeover diet plan.

Smart Diet


Sufficient proteins and plenty of the right carbohydrate must be your main focus. You will need the protein to quickly repair and build lean muscle mass. (Ladies, you do not have to worry about building bulky muscles. It’s not going to happen.)


To sustain maximum effort in your workouts, you will need abundant carbohydrates. You need sustained energy levels, or your intense workout are going to fizzle out.


If you follow an intense, and reasonably long workout routine, your metabolism will shoot through the roof. If your exercise routine includes some of the exercises shown in the video, you will be doing a fair amount of resistance movements.

These will speed up your metabolism and keep your body burning body fat for many hours after your workout is over. For a few hours it will work like an extreme weight loss plan. This is one of the most delightful side benefits of intense workouts.

The other delightful benefit is that you will feel strong, healthy and full of energy, even though you may be tired for an hour or two after your workout.

On top of all that, your frame of mind will be positive, happy, even euphoric.

How awesome is that?

Extreme Weight Loss – With Moderation

You do not have to use intense workouts like the video shows in order to get rapid weight loss.

You can adjust the intensity and difficulty of your workouts to suit your present level of physical conditioning. If you are persistent in your efforts, your results will delight you.

Smart Nutrition

Even though you are going to use a moderate exercise program, there is no reason why you can’t adopt a smart diet. By a smart diet you should understand that you are going to eat nutritious foods.

You should concentrate on lean meats, plenty of skinless chicken breast, and fish. For carbohydrates, you should concentrate on unprocessed, slow burn items, like brown rice and sweet potatoes.

You should avoid all visible fat in your food. You should also avoid the hidden fat calories found in food preparation, such as vegetable oils of any kind. And avoid fried foods.

Raw Vegetables And Fruit

You can eat as much raw vegetables and fruit as you care to. They will fill you up, keep hunger and cravings away, and provide you a ton of the fiber your body needs.

Raw fruit and vegetables are ideal for in between meal snacks. Raw fruit makes delicious, nutritious desserts.

If you follow the general guidelines above, you will lose weight consistently. And you will lose weight as fast as you care to.

Rampping Up

It’s your choice whether to ramp up this plan as much as you want, especially as you become more fit through your workouts. And as you become leaner due to the combination of diet and exercise, you can adopt your own version of the extreme weight loss plan.



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