Fruit Diet – A Delightful Weight Loss Plan

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Fruit diet

Fruit Diet is the name usually used for The Fruit Flush Diet. The fruit diet gets lots of attention because it promises an impressive 9-10 pound weight reduction in only 72 hours.

Just like many people, you may not accept this claim as true. Hopefully you are intrigued enough to want to learn more. Read on!

The Fruit Diet

Another related weight loss program is the Grapefruit Weight loss program. This is another version of the fruit diet. This one is considered unhealthy because it’s limited to only one fruit. Therefore it is  not able to provide all the nutrients necessary for good health. From a weight loss perspective, the key behind eating grapefruit is really sensible. It has very low-calorie count.

There are other variations of the fruit diet, such as the 7 Day Fruit Diet Plan,         the 3 Day Fruit Diet Menu, among several.

The Fruit and Veggie Diet is particularly interesting because it expands the concept of the fruit diet to actually amount to a  full plant based diet.

Pomelos, like melon possess a fiber content of 8% daily value or DV. The FDA describes DV as the recommended daily intake for healthy nutrition for grown ups. The number for kids age 4 and up is the same.

Lots Of Fiber

Eating such low-calorie fiber produces a feeling of fullness in your stomach. Therefore, you consume less food. Eating fiber also keeps your bowels healthy and prevents cancer of the colon.

Preparing healthy food is an integral part of being the family’s chef. Fruit is important to the diet, because it is full of vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and fiber. If you ever had the experience of eating a fully ripe apple, pear or cherries, freshly picked right off the tree, you will have enjoyed a heavenly tasting treat.

Fresh Off The Garden

Along with today’s highly processed foods, “fresh” fruit and vegetables are picked many days or weeks before they get on the grocery store shelves. Thus, healthy products needed for the fruit diet lose much of their natural flavor, and probably a lot of their nutritional value as well.

The video that follows, documents a real case history of someone with personal experience with the fruit diet. Watch now.

Everyone’s ideal weight loss program is one that allows them to eat all they want to satisfy their hunger, while still reducing calorie consumption.

Fruits are especially well suited to provide you a delicious snack, or after dinner dessert without fear of ruining your diet.

The very best fruits to lose weight are the ones with the lowest sugar content, like cantaloupes and apples. Grape fruit, while not generally chosen to eat after dinner, is also low in sugar. They would be considered the Best Fruit Diet.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruit can often be very high in sugar content, so you need to eat them in moderation. However, they are high in fiber so they make a very healthy item that’s easy to carry with you for a snack while out of the house.

The greater quantity of raw fruits and veggies you consume, (cooked also count!) the greater your weight loss will be.

Additionally, you will develop a taste for select raw fruits and vegetables. You will find yourself looking forward to eating your favorite raw fruits and vegetables. If this happens to you, do your best to continue enjoying these items after you are finished with your dieting.

These are such a great food to eat for the rest of your life. You will not only enjoy their delightful taste, but you will be providing your body with numerable vitamins and minerals so beneficial for a healthy life.

Fruit Diet From The Southern Hemisphere

There are many other fruits available. While many grow in specific seasons, many fruits are brought north from the Southern Hemisphere during our off season. You have lots of choices to fit your taste and your budget.

Make certain that you use variety till find your taste preference. Many people find they need lots of variety in their diet.

You can use raw fruits and vegetables for snacks. Undoubtedly, you have heard the dieting advice of eating 5 to 6 small meals a day. Raw fruits and vegetables are ideal for a snack you can easily carry with you wherever you go. It’s an instant, easily packaged snack you can enjoy as you watch the pounds melt away.

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