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lose weight fastTo discover how to lose weight fast, you will need to reevaluate your low carb meals. There’s a relationship between your blood sugar levels and your blood insulin. Your blood insulin adjusts your blood sugar level.

When you have too much sugar in your blood, the excess sugar is saved in the form of body fat. This will normally make your blood sugar too low.

Then you will find that you’re really tired and hungry. Therefore you eat again, and you continue this cycle over and over.

The way to break this vicious circle is by eating complex carbohydrates in sensible amounts.

When you consume meals which are full of proteins you’ll keep up with your body’s need to rebuild damaged cells. Your body will also use this high protein level to build lean muscle mass.

The protein may come from foods like soy items, beans, lean meat, chicken and seafood. Should you consume an excessive amount of protein, beyond the needs of your system, the excess protein will be saved as body fat.

Excess proteins can overburden your renal system and your liver. In time, excessive protein consumption can cause damage to these organs.

You should be OK by eating a normal amount of protein.

The video quotes an authority medical source about whether to lose weight fast is possible and advisable.

Lose Weight Fast

There are special events, like a wedding coming up, or a cruise, when you feel you must lose weight in a very short time.

In these special situations you can go on an extreme diet where you can lose 10 pounds in a week, and as much as 20 pounds in two weeks. This is also a belly fat weight loss diet.

You can accomplish a super fast weight loss by following two steps.

First Step – Detoxification

You follow a complete detoxification diet, consuming a fruit juice, and nothing else. This will rid your system of toxins, and undigested food stuff clogging your bowels. Other toxins you may not even be aware off will also be eliminated.

Basically, this is a starvation diet, and you should not follow it for more than two weeks. Furthermore, you should only attempt this under your doctor’s supervision.

Second Step – Intense Exercise

You need to do as much aerobic exercise as you can. You should hit the gym for at lest an hour 6 days per week. You should also do as much additional physical activity as you can. This includes walking everywhere you have to go that’s not too far. Do anything you can to stay active.

The detox diet will leave you deprived of energy foods, except for the sugar in the fruit juice you drink. You will force your body to use “stored energy,” namely your body fat.

Drop 20 Pounds

At the end of 2 weeks you should have dropped at least 20 pounds.
Unfortunately, this weight will not stay off, unless you adopt a strict diet afterwards. This diet should be well balanced with plenty of protein, and sufficient, slow-burn carbohydrates.

Adopt New Lifestyle

After you lose weight fast, you should do what you can to maintain your new weight.

If you are determined in your follow up diet, you should be able to keep off those 20 pounds you lost. You should also continue losing body fat at the rate of 1-2 pounds per week.

Eventually you will want to adopt a maintenance, healthy eating plan.  This final eating plan should be incorporate into a new lifestyle.

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