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Many Ways To Succeed

Many Ways To Succeed, The Way to Paradise

While there are many ways to succeed you should focus your efforts on discovering your own way to success. The reason is simple. You can find true satisfaction in your accomplishments only when you do what YOU want to do. Following someone else’s way will most likely lead you to mediocre accomplishments.

What’s worse, you will find little satisfaction in the end. True fulfilment comes from doing what comes from deep inside you. It’s an expression of who you are, and what you are capable of achieving.

Continuing with our personality traits as a way to discover what is best suited to you, below we will look at 2 more personality types to see what activities may be best suited to a person that fits these personality profiles.

INFJ – “The Advocate”

As an INFJ you’re an extremely rare find as less than 1 percent of the population. You like to be productive and creative, and will find joy in meaningful work in healthcare or counseling. You might also enjoy being a life coach, author or blogger. The important thing to you, more than money, is the ability to feel as if you’re helping people and making the world a better place.

If you can closely identify with this personality type, you will most likely find satisfaction in starting your own online business. This way you can follow your own moral values and beliefs, not someone else’s.

However, due to your soft-spoken nature you tend to see people as your equals. This can be a big asset when building an online business because you will lead by example, instead of bullying your audience to adopt your way.

Since you’re not the analytic type and you dislike daily routine work you will have to go outside of your comfort zone to exert leadership where your online business requires it.

While researching an issue related to the many ways to succeed, I run across the video below. And even though it’s a motivational video, it has a basic message that applies to anything we want to accomplish.

So I want to share this video with you. It will prove to be one more valuable tool while you pursue your own personal goals. Be sure to watch the video now.

Tips: Even if you’re in a 9 to 5 career right now, you can break out if you want to. Your creativity and insightful nature will help you become an effective and successful blogger if that’s something you want to try for your online business.

What’s great is you can do it while you’re still in your 9-5 job. Simply get started with your own blog on any subject that you’re passionate about.

Just be sure to ignore your perfectionistic tendencies to help you avoid getting stuck before you experience success.

Many Ways To Succeed

Next, I’d like to share another personality type that may help you identify where your own personality fits in this puzzle. Even if you have not found a good fit yet, don’t get discouraged. You will discover your “best fit” as you continue to review this fascinating process.

INFP – “The Mediator”

As an INFP your idealist and passionate nature can be hidden behind your reserved, private and self-conscious attitude causing misunderstanding about you as a person. To be truly happy you need to find work that allows your creative side to flourish while helping others; money doesn’t matter to you as much as the feeling of happiness. Work that can be done mostly alone, as an individual is most attractive to you such as being a writer or actor.

You don’t like any type of confrontation due to your disdain for conflict. This strong dislike of conflict can actually cause you problems. People have a hard time getting to know and trust you. Understanding this fact can help you work with the best parts of yourself in such a way that people finally start learning what “makes you tick.”

You’re great when working on projects. You’re open-minded, flexible, and you’re good at helping people get things done. Even if you have to do a bunch of boring tasks and drudge work, if you can convince yourself that there is an ultimate good in the work.

You are happy to do it. While working at getting your own online business going, you could earn additional income and gain online business experience working as a Virtual or Personal Assistant.

A downside to your personality is that you dislike conflict so much that you might do things you don’t like doing longer than you should. You’ll need to be careful not to allow people to take advantage of your deep desire to help others.

You’re a good communicator so use those skills to stand up for yourself. Say no to work that makes you feel worthless so that you don’t get depressed and isolate yourself to avoid conflict.

Tips: If you’re going to be a writer, you’ve got to let go of your adverse feelings about criticism and realize it’s not all meant personally. Even if someone disagrees with something you said, it’s not always about you. Use your open-mindedness to get along with others, and benefit from the many ways to succeed.

These 2 personality categories open a whole new set of possibilities for many ways to succeed and find personal fulfilment for the right person.


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