No Carb Diet – How Safe Is It?

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no carb diet
No carb diet, also called a low carb diet is among the best ways to slim down fast.

Some people believe that it’s one of the most difficult diets to stay with. The reason being that you have to cut out many scrumptious meals from your menu.

While true, to overcome this you just need a strong commitment to weight loss. Once you see your body fat melting away you find plenty of motivation to continue the diet.

Some people will do a 1 week no carb diet in preparation for a special event.

How The No Carb Diet Works

The no carb diet works by drastically reducing one of the primary nutrients which supply energy for your body. Thus, you need to make a zero carb food list before you go grocery shopping.

This lack of carbohydrates almost instantly causes your body to start using fat stored in your body. Together with fats you consume in your daily high protein diet, they now provide the energy your system needs.

Metabolizing Fat

Thus the body is forced to metabolize fat and some protein you consume to provide you with the required energy. The body will have to burn body fat very fast, which helps the rapid weight loss. This is how the no carb eating plan works.

The short video provides an authoritative discussion of the no carb diet. Be sure to watch it.

But don’t forget, your body needs carbohydrates for its energy needs. Carbohydrates are the primary energy source for your system.

Glucose For Energy

The tissues and cells within your body, use glucose for energy. Therefore your body needs carbohydrates, which is the main source of glucose. Your body requires plenty of carbohydrates to keep functioning correctly. This includes muscles, heart, renal system, nervous system, as well as the mind.

This next video provides 7 tips to introduce some nutritious, low carb vegetables to keep your no carb diet as healthy as possible.

There are health risks with this diet. The excess proteins cause extreme overload to your kidneys. This may be OK for a limited time, but it’s not a healthy diet over an extended period.

The high protein consumption will keep you feeling full longer, thus avoiding the hunger and cravings that usually accompany most diets.

However, since carbohydrates are the primary source of energy, you may feel lethargic on an all protein diet, and even your mind will no stay as sharp.


Many people expect that they will not have cravings when they are on no carb diet. This isn’t the case. When you’re missing out on something that your body needs, you will start craving it.

Your body must have some carbohydrates for energy. So when you totally eliminate them from your diet, you’ll really end up craving carbohydrates sooner or later.

You will probably begin craving sugars and carbohydrate foods. But hopefully you can cope with them long enough to achieve your weight loss goal.

No Carb Diet Side Effects

People have had issues with a no carb diet. These include irritability, insomnia and headaches. Even people who never suffered from headaches before suffered this side effect of a no carb, hight protein diet.

But the worst part of it was discovering that they quickly gained all the weight back once they started eating carbohydrates again.

Long Term Diet Plan

For this diet to work long term, you have to put together an eating plan that includes a well balanced, nutritious diet. You will need to switch to this long-term eating plan once you met your weight loss goal.

If you don’t plan and prepare for this change, and actually make it a lifestyle change, you will go right back to the eating habits that caused the body fat and weight gain in the first place.

Not planning for a change in eating habits is the primary reason why most diets don’t work. This includes the no carb diet.The diet industry loves this since it keeps you going for another round at the diet merry go round.

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