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Succeed Your Way

Succeed your way, Symphony of Love The moment you give up is the end…

Succeed your way… if this sounds exciting to you, it’s because deep down you know that the only way to achieve what you want is to do it in a way that is pleasing to you. You have to follow your inclination, your preferences in order to get started and to persevere.

If you don’t get started, you won’t go anywhere. If you don’t persevere, you will never travel the distance. No matter what your goal is, success is a journey, not a destination. That’s why you need perseverance to keep going.

The video below offers an insightful success message. Be sure to watch it now.

Continuing with the personality analysis, you have two more personality types to consider, and to see if either of these ring a bell with you.

ENTJ – “The Commander”

As an ENTJ you have a keen sense of intelligence, determination and self-confidence. You’re a fabulous communicator who excels at keeping other people on track, helping them get things done. Due to these skills you will thrive best as a business owner, manager, leader, executive, entrepreneur, strategist, lawyer, and judge or executive.

You’re strong willed and would not thrive in slow paced positions focused on everyday administrative tasks. For example, you’d be very unhappy as a secretary or subordinate required to do routine daily tasks.

You much prefer to be the overseer or manager focusing on the big picture. If you had to work in an office where you aren’t the executive, being an office manager would be more your style.

While you have above par communication skills and you’re excellent at sharing your vision with others, sometimes you can come off as dominant and overbearing due to your inability to sugar coat things.

Incidentally, you don’t really want people to blow smoke toward you either. Instead you appreciate honest and constructive criticism.

You also have no patience with others when you believe they are sloppy, lazy and worse, incompetent. You can be quite nasty to these people instead of considering whether or not they’re in the right position to do a good job.

Tips: Don’t let the need for more education put you off from reaching your ideal career goals. Learn to be more patient while harnessing your energy, efficiency, and ability to think clearly. This will allow you to be a charismatic leader.

Here’s one more fascinating example of the variety of human nature, and the many ways in which we are all unique. However, there are common traits that define people that can be classified as the debater types.

ENTP – “The Debater”

As an ENTP, you are full of intellectual curiosity which in turn gives you unlimited ideas for solutions to problems both technical and intellectual. Your ability to see all sides of an argument and love for playing devil’s advocate would make you an excellent lawyer, psychologist, analyst or research scientist.

Due to your disdain for dealing with practical matters, you are most suited to be one part of a two person partnership – as long as the partner carries the ability to follow through with your ideas and is on board with helping you stay focused.

Other careers that you can choose from are engineering, acting and photography.

If you can control your urge to debate everything, because believe or not some people don’t enjoy it as much as you do, you can be a natural leader who is quick on their feet and who inspires others to develop sound and logical systems. You might love working as a life coach.

Tip: You don’t have to be a lawyer to be successful even though your personality is perfect for becoming a litigator. Instead, you could harness your knowledge and charisma to become a life or business coach.

Succeed Your Way

In concluding the review of these additional personality types, you can see that you can Succeed Your Way for best results and personal fulfilment.

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