Success On Your Own Terms

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Success On Your Own Terms


Success on your own terms, Growing Free Money on Flowers

Success on your own terms will be easier to achieve if you understand the 16 different personality types that can help guide your online business choices. It will also help you make better life choices if you read and study your results.

The video below discusses the importance of defining and measuring success in a manner that is most meaningful and relevant to you. Be sure to watch the video now.

Continuing with the personality types that will help you define how you can best achieve the success you want, here’s the next personality category.

INTJ – “The Architect”

As an INTJ, your ideal career due to your planning capability and big picture thinking should involve business leadership and project management roles. Your ability to break down projects into step-by-step plans that others can follow is ideal for managing teams and even entire businesses.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur running your own business, a project manager, or a business manager you will excel due to your ability to make decisive decisions and strategically develop solutions to problems with big-picture thinking.


If you’re one of the 2 percent to have this personality type you have a firm belief that everything boils down to attitude and planning.

With a penchant for making detailed plans and backup plans, at work you might want to be clear about which plans your team should follow so that there isn’t any confusion by setting up a system for the team to follow for everything from brainstorming to putting ideas into action.

You also need to be aware that with your habit of making contingency plans, you are still somewhat idealistic because you are confident that you can devise plans for any issue and solve any problem without help from others.

It’s important to keep this in perspective and realize that if you’re working as a team, you will need help from them. You’ll need to avoid focusing so much on your own vision that you avoid listening to your team as team collaboration can add a lot to any idea and ultimately improve the results.

Tips: Accept your personality and toss out any notion of working in a structured environment. Try to let go of your tendency to be overly analytical which can come off as arrogant and judgmental.

Since you are truly a person who can do anything due to your skills in all areas, choose something that lets your quick imagination and strategic mind to shine. Look into becoming an Online Marketing Manager to put all your positive traits to work.

Of course, you should be the “marketing manager” of your own online business!

Success On Your Own Terms

The next personality type that will help you find your best course of action towards success is the logician. This may be especially valuable to those of us engaged in an online business.

INTP – “The Logician”

As an INTP you have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and prefer to work alone as a freelancer in such fields as technical writing, data analyst, software development, and researcher alone or in small groups.

You are an innovative, idea machine. You love coming up with theoretical methods and concepts about any project or problem you face. You’re drawn to scientific, analytical ideals in the abstract.

However, where you excel in coming up with amazing ideas, you aren’t so good at implementation and desperately need someone to help you with this aspect of your work.

You’re still a self-driven perfectionist with high standards, even though you need that extra push from outside your own mind to ensure that you get to the implementation point of any project instead of continuing to generate more ideas.

In other words, you need to watch out for shiny object syndrome and stick to your plan of action and career choice to reach success.

You’ll need to watch out for appearing condescending to your group due to your tendency to use others as sounding boards without taking into account their needs.

In some ways, you’re like the stereotypical “absent minded professor” you have so many ideas that come to you at all hours of the day and night that you need to keep organized, and act on.

Finding a partner to offer accountability will help you put your genius to work so that you can see each project through to success on your own terms.

Tips: Even if you’ve never written a word, consider how being a writer might work for your personality. You can use your ability to think outside the box, analyze data, and your imaginative ability to write copy or even books.

This type of endeavor will enable you to stay private, and avoid issues with having to follow too many rules and guidelines.

Many people would agree with you that the greatest satisfaction comes when you achieve success on your own terms, doing what you truly love to do.

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