Thyroid Problems – Suffering These Symptoms?

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thyroid problems

Thyroid problems can occur for several reasons. The thyroid is the large gland that’s found in the neck region. It serves several essential functions in controlling your bodily systems.

It can help manage the metabolic process. It has an impact on the cardiovascular system and in the growth and development of cells. It can even affect the development of a baby’s brain.

Thyroid Problems

One of the signs and symptoms of a thyroid disturbance is a decreased metabolic rate. This happens with an under active thyroid. It can also manifest itself as a heightened metabolic rate with hyperthyroidism.

Over Active Thyroid

An over active thyroid increases your metabolism and may cause you to feel warm. It may make you irritable and cause you to lose weight.

Under-Active Thyroid

Whereas an under-active thyroid makes you to feel sluggish and fatigued. It may also make feel depressed, and feel cold.

You may also experience weight gain. This would happen if you suffer from an under active thyroid. You may also experience hair thinning. Thyroid problems can actually result in hair loss.

The short video that follows does an excellent job of summarizing the most important factors of thyroid problems. Watch the video now.

These changes within your body can occur due to hormonal changes and medications.

Hair Loss

Normal hair loss happens once you hit age 40. This is not uncommon. However, if the body is under additional stress, hair cells may take a hit that causes hair loss.

Hair cells are capable of remarkably fast growth in your body. But they are also most likely to be the first cells to be affected by additional, and unusual stress.

Impact Of Stress

Stress is a powerful force that can dramatically impact many areas and functions in your body. Stress is a signal to allow the energy in the body to go to where it’s most needed.

A person dealing with thyroid problems will have a heightened possibility of hair loss.

Under normal conditions, hair grows roughly a half inch per month. This can continue for roughly 3 years. Following this growth period, the body may need a period of relaxation.

Hair Regrowth

Next, groups of hair at the same time undergo a process of pushing old hair out. Then beginning once more with normal hair growth.

If you are taking hormone supplements the enzymes undergo a conversion process. This conversion process causes hair follicles to be under attack and diminishing hair altogether.

Additionally, hair turns more fine and thin, or worse may stop its growth pattern completely. Testosterone conversion to DHT causes this change.

People whose body doesn’t produce sufficient thyroid hormone will suffer hair loss or thinning hair. This can be a very upsetting experience.

Not only will they suffer hair loss, but also hair thinning to further compounded the changes to their hair. Additionally, they will find that their hair may be dry, coarse and easily tangled.

Despite hormone replacement, it could take quite a while, many months in fact before normal new hair growth starts again.

Consult Your Physician

People with signs of thyroid problems, or even if they just suspect they have thyroid problems should consult with their physician. Especially in the event of experiencing several symptoms, including unexpected hair loss.

There is often the fear of symptoms thyroid cancer. That’s why it is so important you consult with your doctor as soon as possible in the event of thyroid problems.

Medication Check

You will probably need to have your levels of medication checked. This is to find out whether you might be excessively medicated or under medicated.

People undergoing thyroid treatment may need further analysis. They may require a consultation with an dermatologist. Additional treatment and diagnosis may help solve their thyroid problems.

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