Tips To Lose Beer Belly Fat Fast

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Lose Beer Belly Fat Fast, Muscular Male Torso

Most, if not all, men and women would do just about anything to lose beer belly fat fast.

Although it is generally assumed that a protruding belly is the result of excess beer consumption, the fact is that excess eating the wrong foods will also cause the same unsightly abdomen, commonly referred to as a beer belly.

Lose Beer Belly Fat Fast

Thus, the majority of men and women find that the one area of their bodies which they would like to have less fat in is their belly.

How to Lose My Beer Belly Fast

People do not like to have their spare tire on show, which is why winter can be a good excuse to hide it under baggy sweat shirts. That’s why they would like to drop belly fat fast.

However a summer vacation or holiday at a beach is not so good. In fact the prospect of being on a beach with others, and not being able to cover up the unsightly beer belly drives people to frantic dieting and exercise.

No Magic Bullet

Despite what some ads might tell you there is no magic way to lose beer belly fat fast. The best ways of doing so are simple, eat less food particularly those high in calories and fat, and exercise more.

A positive fact to remember is that belly fat is generally the first body fat to melt away once you have started to lose fat.

Important Video

The video that follows has been seen by over 2 million people because it does an excellent job of analyzing what you need to do to lose beer belly fat fast. Be sure to watch it.

While the desire to lose beer belly fat fast is understandable, an even more worrisome fact is that fat in the abdomen can put your health at serious risk.

Research has recently shown that belly fat can increase the risk of heart disease, cancer, and also diabetes.

Quick Health Risk Check

A quick way to check if you could be prone to developing type 2 diabetes is how wide your waist is around the belly button. Women that measure 35 inches or more, and men that are in excess of 40 inches around the waist have a greater chance of developing it.

One of the most popular methods of determining if people are overweight is the body mass index.

Scientists are now finding that this way analyzing a person’s measurements may be wrong and misleading.

Thus serious doubts have grown about the usefulness of this approach.

Since muscle weighs more than fat, a person with more muscles can seem as unhealthy as someone of the same height who is overweight, and is a prime candidate to lose beer belly fat fast.

A more accurate measure of how fat people are is worked out as a ratio of the width of the waist compared to the width of the hips. The more belly fat people have the greater their chances of ill health.

Key Ratio To Measure Risk

Men are considered to be at greater risk if their ratio exceeds 0.90, while for women the danger point is 0.85.

Therefore if your belly fat is growing then it is sensible to reverse the trend and start losing weight, and fat is lost from the belly first. Eating less and exercising more are the things you need to do to lose weight and start feeling healthier almost immediately.

Eat Monounsaturated Fats

Besides taking in less calories as a whole makes a difference to belly fat, watching the type of fats eaten can also help.

People should try to make sure that they eat more monounsaturated fats as contained in nuts and dark chocolate, and avoid trans fat from cookies, margarine and other processed bread spreads. If possible start eating more soluble fiber as that helps to dissolve belly fat.

Some people are genetically more likely to have more belly fat than others, women tend to have fat all around their bodies while men have most fat in their bellies.

Fat distribution can also change with age, for example after puberty, or after the menopause.

There is little that you can do to target precisely the parts of the body to lose fat from.

Basically the less calories you eat the more fat you lose. Extra exercise then helps lose beer belly fat fast, and to tone up your body.

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